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 Posted: Mar 17 2013, 08:29 PM

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Player name: Zeffy
Contact info: PM
Timezone: Eastern USA


Build: She's got a large frame, clearly at least part husky. It's difficult to tell under all the fur, but she's extremely malnourished.
Age: 4
Eyes: One brown, one blue
Fur: White with a reddish pattern.
Other: Around her neck is a ratty collar, which still has her nametag and her address on it.


Sadie's a very friendly girl if you're alive, not so much if you're dead. She seems to have a little canine PTSD, and will turn fearful and agressive at the sounds of a screamer.


Adopted by a loving family as an adolescent, Sadie enjoyed a carefree life until everyone started dying. She watched her family get sick one right after the other, unable to do much but watch over them. When it was only the two of them alive ailing lady of the house led Sadie outside. She opened the gate, called her a good girl, and gave her a little nudge to coax her away.

Sadie still waited by her mistress's window until she was certain she had passed, then quietly set out on her own.
 Posted: Sep 7 2013, 10:38 PM

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