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 Closing Time
 Posted: Oct 9 2013, 08:49 PM

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Hey folks!

I'm working on a thesis and have been struggling like heck to keep up with the many commitments I have to juggle. There hasn't been a whole lot of commitment to the Newton story in general, and it needs a lot of love to run. Without the interest and commitment, the kind of work that needs to get done to make things happen-- it doesn't make very much sense.

I think I'm going to have to finally decide to put Newton on the back burner as I divert my attention to other commitments. If you need me to wrap things up or do any kind of grunt work, let me know, but essentially I'm going to close up shop: disabling new registrations but not making the board inaccessible. You'll absolutely be able to view everything you need, wrap up any threads you feel the need to wrap up, grab bios, etc.

I wish I could give you more closure than that! This doesn't mean Newton will never get rolling again, but at this point I need to be realistic about what I can manage and what is worth the effort for others. It wouldn't be fair to you to continue to prolong something that isn't going to work at present.

If you're looking for a comparable environment in which to do some epic writing, I suggest taking a look around RPG-Directory.

Many thanks for giving Newton a shot and allowing me the pleasure of seeing your creative mind at work!

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