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 Guidelines and Rules, How to play
 Posted: Oct 29 2012, 04:07 AM

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Guidelines and 'Rules'

Here at Newton we trust that players will be respectful and reasonable. As a result, we really don't have many rules to list. Most of the info below is here to let you know how functional aspects of the game work (how we handle inactive characters, applications, etc.). If conduct issues pop up, they'll be addressed on a case-by-case basis, whether they violate an explicitly mentioned rule or not.

If these rules are altered at any time, you'll be notified. Contact an administrator if you have any questions!


>> Please let us know if you're going to be away.
    Players who haven't visited Newton in the past month may have their characters archived and put into an Inactive member group to make sure we have an accurate record of active characters. A quick PM to an admin will allow you to get your character out of the archives, and you don't lose any posting privileges due to inactivity, so you can hop back in whenever.


>> Please adhere to Jcink's Terms of Service as well as possible.
    No one is out to get you, but we ask that you refrain from posting large quantities of explicitly violent or sexual information. Your characters may be vulgar, defamatory, and otherwise unpleasant people. They may confront real, adult issues, but please write them responsibly! Try to be considerate toward your writing partners and conscious of personal boundaries.

>> Refrain from controlling the characters of others without the permission of their player(s).
    You'll find that a good number of players are 100% okay with 'reasonable' cases of this: ie. Your character grabbing a hold of theirs, pushing the action forward by noting that the character continued walking, etc. Some people are made uncomfortable by that. Try to communicate with each other. Let someone know if you'd like for them to edit a post or refrain from doing this sort of thing. It may be a good thing to make a note about in your plotting thread. Issues of this kind should be reported to an admin.
>> Expect the unexpected.
    All threads are open. It's likely that a staff member or a non-staff player will unexpectedly interject at some point in a thread with a new character entering the scene or a surprise event. Expect this to occur, especially if your character is out in the open. Players are not required to request permission to enter a thread. You are expected to use your head when determining whether your character(s) could reasonably participate in a thread.

>> Write in-character posts in third person, past tense. (For continuity's sake)

Registration and Extras

>> All players must have an OOC player account for use in OOC forums. Register with your preferred name/alias. Separate accounts will be made for each character and linked to this player account.
>> Register new character accounts with your characters' first and last names with proper capitalization, please (ie. John Doe). Make a separate account for each character.
>> Post a bio with the template provided for each new character.
>> Graphics:
    -Please don't make signatures larger than 500x220px. The max size for avatars is 200x300px. Play-bys are not mandatory.

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