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 The Newbie Guide, New players, start here!
 Posted: Oct 29 2012, 04:22 AM

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What is Newton?
Newton is a survival/horror/apocalypse-based play-by-post RPG set in the year 2013. In this story, the world we know and love (or tolerate) has been changed rather suddenly by a strange pandemic. Our characters are those who are currently attempting to survive in Newton City, a fictional island-city in Massachusetts Bay.

The game isn't based on any existing work(s) of fiction, so no pre-existing knowledge is required to play! You may, however, find it to your liking if you're a fan of survival-based or zombie-esque fiction, as the game has certainly been influenced (intentionally or unintentionally) by works such as 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and others.

The Newbie Guide
let us guide you through the steps of joining this game!

In order to try to make it as easy as possible for people to explore the game and get involved in it, I've put together this guide to the basics of joining Newton. First things first- If you ever have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to PM me or post in the Questions and Suggestions forum, and do try to have fun, even if you're just here to browse.

The steps of this guide are set up in an order that will hopefully start by familiarizing you with the game and end with leading you through the character creation process. Feel free to skip around as you see fit, but try to hit every step so you don't miss any important info!

The Setting, Plot, and Premise

Check out these topics in the Essential Reads forum to learn more about our game. New players aren't expected to memorize this info, but it's important to read through it to get a basic understanding of the game.
    The Plot: The basics of what this game is about.
    The Setting: What you need to know about the playable areas. This will be updated as new areas become available and old ones change. You'll also find links to maps and additional info here.
    The Enemies: Before you start thinkin' "Yeah, they're just zombies!" give this a read. What's currently known about the predators characters are confronting will be explained here.
    The Third Law: Our system for keeping things fresh and exciting!
    Incentives: How you can get rewarded for your hard work.

    Additional, character-specific or non-essential info may be found in The Survivors' Guide. You might find this helpful in developing your character further, coming up with more ideas, or answering some burning questions.

The Rules and Questions

Click HERE to learn about the game and how it's played (rules). Post questions in the Cbox or the guest-friendly Questions and Suggestions forum if you can't seem to find the answers you need at this point.


If you're pleased after reading all of that, you probably want to register an account and join us in telling this story. Start by registering an OOC account* with whatever name you'd prefer to have us call you. Names like betty29q10xx might be mistaken for bots, so don't get too crazy! Once you have a basic idea for a character, register another account with the first and last name of that character (properly capitalized, please). Before you start working on a character bio, you may want to check the Characters forum to see what current players have come up with and how they've addressed their bios. The Survival Guide forum may provide you with more in-depth information to help you develop your character concepts. You can browse a list of free-to-use character ideas if you need more inspiration. Keep in mind that your character cannot be someone who knows how this plague started.

* That OOC account will be used for OOC posting and awards and the like, and you can make it the parent account for your many characters. Go to your OOC account's CP to link your accounts to it and make account-switching easy-peasy.

The Character Creation Process

Check out the bio form and start filling it out. Once the little bio's done and posted in the Characters forum(with your character's name as the thread title), you're good to go! It's as easy as that. Please don't post in any IC forums until you've posted a character bio. If you choose to utilize a play-by (PB), please check the listing of Face Claims so you don't accidentally duplicate a PB.

Getting Started

It's suggested that you make your rounds to visit a few different threads once you have a character bio posted and are ready to get goin'. Posting in The Player/Character Directory and the face claim list will ensure your info gets in there ASAP and make an admin's life easier. More importantly, you should head over to the Introductions: All About Us thread to learn about your fellow players and/or tell us a bit about yourself to break the ice. Make sure you post in Plotting-by-Player to set up a thread in which you can provide any kind of plotting info you want to make available on-site. Browsing the threads there will help you identify some options that should help you get going in the game. Don't forget to post in Questions and Suggestions if you need help!

The basic format of and information in this guide were provided by Dun of RPG-D. Please do not redistribute this guide in an altered format or remove this credit for the original template. The original template may be found at RPG-D and edited for any forum RPG.

Enjoy the character-building, plotting, and storytelling!

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